Software on this page was made by me. It is free to use and abuse for anyone. It comes nonsense-, virus- and guarantee-free.
Most of it is pretty old, so you might get some errors or a security warning on newer systems.
If you don't trust it, which you shouldn't, move along; it's mostly here for my own use and people who know me and trust me.

Caution, there be dragons in these waters: some of these tools can cause serious damage to your system and/or environment if used unproperly. Read the warning messages and take them seriously. The risky tools are marked with a ☠ in the list below, the unmarked ones are harmless.

Enterprise Vault export preparation script

This is an adapted script for moving Symantec EnterpriseVault stubs to a separate folder so they can be exported and removed, based on MessageClass of the item ( ItemClass = "IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut").
V1 goes through all items and only moves them if the Item Class matches. V2 runs a search per mailbox folder and is more efficient in some cases.
My comments are in Dutch, for now, and start with "MILAN:".

The original script is located HERE.


MAPI Send Test Tool v1.0

This tool lets you send an email using MAPI.
It can be very handy when troubleshooting security settings, for example.
To use it you must have MS Outlook (Express) installed and an e-mail profile already set up on your machine.

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SMTP Session Tester v1.0

With the SMTP Session Tester (SST) you can test the connection and every step of a SMTP session with your SMTP server without the need to repeatedly enter all the commands in the telnet session. The used variables, like the servername, username and e-mail addresses are cached and available next time you start SST.

For use on servers, I recommend manual install to avoid reboots: download the executable package, unzip the two files in the same directory and run the SMTPST.exe.

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File State Logger

FSL allows you to monitor attributes of a selected file and to log these to a comma separated logfile. This can, for example, be usefull in situations where the growth of a certain file, like a database or a logfile, needs to be monitored over time.

The file attributes that are monitored are the FileSize (kb), modified-, Accesed- and Created-timestamp.

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Port Testing Server (PTS) v1.0

This is a simple port testing server. You set the port you wish to test and start the server. When the server is running you can test the connection by telnet-ing to the specified port ( C:>telnet <host> <port> ). If the connection is successful PTS will echo the current time to the telnet client.

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AD Mod Pluz v1.1

ADModPluz allows you to modify Active Directory item attributes.

With this tool you can also modify attributes that can not be modified with the builtin "admod" command, such as Custom Attributes.

It uses a tab separated text (.txt) file as input:

  • the file should not contain a header row

  • column1 = attribute to be modified

  • column2 = value to be set

  • column3 = distiguished name of the AD item

  • all fields must be filled

ADModPluz modifies the Active Directory.
As always with AD-modifications, improper use can cause serious damage.

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Delegates Browser v1.0

Delegates Browser is a simple tool that enables you to quickly browse through the delegates a user has set on his mailbox in an Microsoft Exchange environment.

Features include:

  • choose a user from the active directory

  • list delegates of a user

  • list other users of wich the user is a delegate

  • double-click on a user in the results field to set new user

  • export lists to clipboard

This tool does not show the specific rights of the delegate.

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CaseSwitcher v1.0

This little tool allows you to change the text in your clipboart to upper- or lowercase.

Upon starting it, CaseSwitcher sits in your system tray. After you've copied (Ctrl+v) the text you wish to edit, you right click on the icon and choose the option you want.

There are three options:

  • Clipboard to Uppercase

  • Clipboard to Lowercase

  • Clipboard to Lowercase+

Lowercase+ changes all text to lowercase and then changes the first alphabetical character after a '.', '!', '?', LF or a CR to uppercase.

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IP2MAC resolves an IP address to a MAC address by sending an ARP request.

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RaFoC v1.0.2 : Random Folder Creator

RaFoC creates folders with random generated names for testing purposes. The user simply sets the options and klicks "Create Folders". Options that can be set are:

  • Min./Max. folder name length

  • Characters to be used

  • Number of folders per level

  • Number of subfolder levels

It is very easy to generate too many nested folders.
Be aware of system restrictions on f.e. folder nesting and folder path lengths
ake these into account when setting the preferences before execution.

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RemoteSCR v1.0.1 : Remote Shadow Copy Remover

RemoteSCR enables the user to remove Shadow Copies on a remote system. You connect to a server to list the available Shadow Copies, select the ones you want to delete and then remove them.

There is also the option for removing Shadow Copies older than a certain number of days, as well as deleting all Shadow Copies at once, without the need to select individual SC's manually.

This tool can be used to solve the problem of a system becoming unreachable through RDP/Console due to the Shadow Copy Volume not getting cleaned on time.

There is probably a reason why the shadow copies are made in the first place.
You should consider the implications before removing them.

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KML2GPX: KML path to GPX track converter

Ever came home from a geocaching trip to find out that you GPS logger was not working? Can you still remember the path you took?

If you can draw it in Google earth and save it as a KML path file, KML2GPX will convert it to a GPX track that you can upload to your geocaching site (I use

Another use for this program is creating new maps in OpenStreetMaps using Google satellite imagery as a source, but since this is a greyish area I will leave it at that.

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AnnoyATone : Aastra IP telephony annoyance tool

I'm actually sorry I made this one.

Basically if you know the IP of a phone and the password of the currently logged on user, you can change tones manually or play them in sequence.

WARNING: This tool can be extremely annoying so use it at your own risk because I don't want to be held responsible for the possible 'death by collegue'. On a more serious note, remember that the last tone used will be your victim's ringtone.

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Finger Draw

My first android app. Simple fingerpainting app for android.
I'm g
ussing you would have to have an old phone for this to work.
Choose color, then tap to draw a point or scratch to draw lines.
Clear canvas by shaking your phone (assuming there's a G-sensor inside).